Batch 1 Startups

Dropel develops performance-enhanced natural fabrics and fibers for branded apparel companies. They produce a bio-degradable polymer that is implemented into the natural fiber and repels watery or oily substances, thus increasing the lifespan and durability of any fiber.

RePack is implementing a business model for ecommerce, where the packaging is sent back to the store for re-utilization. This has the potential to reduce the carbon footprint by 80% of packaging for e-commerce.

ICA Bremen uses nano technology to introduce tracers into fibers of organic cotton. Later in the value chain, these tracers can be scanned – that way organic cotton and the mix ratio it is used in can be identified. Will be a spin-off of ICA Bremen institute.

Pili Bio uses microorganisms to produce organic dyes to replace petrochemical versions (non-renewable, toxic to work with) and vegetal ones (non scalable, expensive, dependant on weather).

Tersus developed an industrial “laundry machine” that uses recycled (from industrial manufacturing), fluid CO2 as a solvent instead of water, delivering chemical-free textile cleaning targeting dry cleaners – not at-home users. Possibly also usable in CMT finishing.

Mycotex developed a mushroom-based textile that can be grown into custom-fitted moulds. This eliminates the need for yarns, weaving and other process steps. The material is 100% biodegradable and has anti-microbal properties.

The Agraloop Collects waste from fibrous foodcrop production (hemp, flax, banana, pineapple etc.) and turns it into fibers for textiles. These fibers can then be processed using conventional cotton machinery.

Dragon is a novel water purification technology that uses light and has very high efficiency. The technology has been developed by a team from the Riga Technical University.

TIPA has developed 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions made from bio-plastics. Their solutions use less plastics for product packaging and are –in addition – completely compostable after they have been discarded.

CO created an online B2B platform that matches fashion professionals with the connections and resources they need to grow successful and sustainable businesses.

Sundar is a large digital platform connecting brands with textile manufacturers and suppliers as well as those offering specialist services (trim, dye…). Makes it easy for designers to work on new ideas and conveniently find suitable producers. All suppliers are verified.