Batch 2 Startups

A Transparent Company brings blockchain technology to fashion supply chains powered by Provenance, to provide verified information about positive products. Bridging the digital and physical worlds’ by making product journeys accessible at the moment of purchase.

Carcel is a premium fashion label manufactured by women in prison using only 100% natural materials.

Colorifix uses the power of biology to bring a new approach to dyeing, avoiding the use of any hazardous chemicals whilst significantly reducing water, energy and waste.

Circular Systems™ presents Texloop™ A recycling and yarn platform focused on creating closed-loop resource efficiency in synthetic, and complex blended fabrics.

EON.ID is the first global tagging system for textile recycling, a system for transforming old clothes into new garments in a similar way to paper recycling.

LiteHide™ by LeatherTeq Leatherteq offers Litehide™ technology, an innovative patented process that eliminates the use of salt in the preservation of animal hides for leather making. They provide the global leather industry, which is seeking to address environmental and regulatory concerns, with a cost-effective solution that has significant supply chain benefits.

Nature Coatings develops high performing, inexpensive pigments from wood waste. Their pigments are capable of reducing water use by 93% at the mill and eliminating pollution.

NORMN Hangers help brands tell their stories and turn their waste into a valuable resource. They aim to displace the billions of plastic hangers used and disposed of globally, with a sustainable communication tool and the world’s first truly zero-waste hanger that fits into all transport and paper recycling systems.

We aRe SpinDye® is an ingredient brand that offers a technically innovative colour system. We deliver a clean, traceable colouring method of textiles with an unparalleled performance and long term awesomeness.